Anagram Solver


You might know what an anagram is or you might not be aware of this amazing word game. So we will shed some light on the definition of anagram before everything.

Anagram solver has a huge database that contains a massive amount of dictionary words which helps the tool in solving the anagrams. For example, the credit card is a word from which you can make bad credit. While this solver rearranges the given entered word it makes sure to form another meaningful word containing all the letters which once made up the original word.

The type of dictionary used by this anagram finder tool is the SOWPODS which contains some specific number of words saved in the database. We have a large open-source dictionary just for you. The length or the difficulty of the word you enter doesn’t affect the performance of our anagram solver and it will provide you with the best options in no time. This word game is also known as snatch and word making and taking.

In this modern society the use of new technology and robots has reached the skies that is why we are here to introduce you to the anagram decoder which will wholeheartedly welcome you to this modern century.

Anagram solver can be of numerous types. One type introduces you to a database full of synonyms where you can enter the words and find numerous new words having the same meaning. The other type of anagram generator is the antigram where you can find the opposite of the word entered. There is yet another type of word game known as anagram magic. It is a multiplayer game where you are challenged to find the longest word out of the letter given to gain the highest points.

No matter how long your anagrams would be this anagram convertor will present you the final results in a very short time so that you are able to get your game done and dusted and start the next quickly. All the words that we process and display are the genuine dictionary words so you not need to worry that whether your words will get accepted in the word games or not.

Be the famous winner and make use of this amazing anagram generator that makes sense!! Other than being the champion is such word games you can also learn new vocabulary and words to enhance your English writing skills.

The History of Anagram Quiz

Anagram can be seen as the word game introduced in the Ancient Greek or Biblical times. This word game which is known as Anagram is not a very modern game. Few historians think that this game originated in the 4th century BC. Some other historians suggest that in the 6th century BC when Pythagoras used anagram to understand the philosophical ideas in depth.

During the Roman or Christian era the people believed that anagram has prophetic of mystical significance through which such meanings could be extracted. By the 13th century AD the Jewish cabalists also felt that these anagrams have a mystical importance or meaning. But before that the use or the significance of anagrams reduced by a high rate.

By the middle ages the role of anagrammatists left was just forming anagrams on the basis of the religious importance. Now that you are aware of its history so let’s move to the examples for an ice clear understanding of how anagram solver works and what are the possible answers that you might get when a word is entered.

Some of the Examples from the Literature

Many of the famous and renowned writers took the support of Anagrams to introduce new and interesting names for their characters. Such uses of anagrams were not only found in classic literature but also in modern literature. Some of the examples are listed below:

1. William Shakespeare: The word Hamlet is the anagram of Amleth which is the name of a Danish Prince.

2. Jonathon Swift: In the novel, Gulliver Travels to a place named Tribinia also known as Langden. These two names of the same place are the anagrams of Britain and England.

3. J.K Rowling: In her book named ‘Harry Potter’ she used the sentence I am Lord Voldemort which is the anagram of the original name of the same character which was Tom Marvolo Riddle.

4. Lemony Snicket: A series of Unfortunate events is a book by this author and which contains a lot of anagrams all over the book.

5. Stephen King: In his book, The shining the character namely Danny screams the word REDRUM which is the anagram of Murder.     

Some of the Amazing Examples of Anagrams

1. Night: Thing

2. Act: Cat

3. Study: Dusty

4. Anagram: nag a ram

5. Below: Elbow

6. Bad Credit: Debit card

7. Dessert: stressed

8. State: Taste

9. Arc: Car

10. Tar: Rat

11. Inch: Chin

12. Bored: Robed

Some Examples of Places as Anagrams

1. Denver: Nerved
2. San Diego: Diagnose
3. Las Vegas: Salvages
4. Paris: Pairs
5. Statue of Liberty: Built to stay free

How to Unscramble Words Using Anagram Solver

This anagram solver tool rearranges the letters of the word you have entered and presents you with various different combinations of words using the same letters. This anagram machine can play the role of anagram solver multiple word or single word solver. All you have to do is to enter the words in the empty bar given.

Step 1: Enter the letters from the tiles shown in the empty space.

Step 2: Hit the enter button.

Step 3: Choose the best options from the numerous words displayed and success of scoring the highest points will be at your feet.

Anagrams in Words with Friends

This anagram solver online also provides the word collection which can apply on the word games like words with friends. You can come up with new rearranged words to get a swift win in this multiplayer game. Cheating is easy, so go for it!! For newbies gathering score points and trying to win the competition can be a real challenge. This anagram solver helps you to bring your tension down so that you never get stuck between a highly competing game.