4 Best Crossword Games Available in IOS

Apple brand lovers are increasing at a faster rate around the world and therefore almost every app creator has come up with an ios version of their apps. So if you are an I-phone user and you have not been able to find very satisfying crossword game apps on app store so we are here to fulfill your need. Below is a list of some of the most amazing crossword apps which best suits a word game lover. 

World’s biggest crossword app:

This app has been designed by Appy Nation Ltd. This game app is on number one due to some of the different and special features it has for the users. It is a vast operating game where you can connect with the world of words through around 361 crossword puzzles. In total there are 7000 clues available which help in guessing the word.  Apart from this you can make some real purchases in order to get rewarded with trophies, tokens or points etc. Before any purchases made there 45 trophies, 57 quests that await you and up to 10 achievements which can be unlocked to win further points. 

This app is no doubt offering so much to ios users. But before rushing towards your app store you should consider the rest that follow.

Cryptic Crossword app:

This app has made the traditional book, magazine or newspaper crossword more interesting for the word solver game lovers. There a total 181 distinct crossword puzzles available to solve. Out of these the first 18 are completely free and require to real cash spending but the remaining 100 puzzle require in app purchases. There are features through which you can resume playing the game from where you had discontinued, other feature can help you pinch zoom the puzzle. Moreover options like highlight mistakes, cheat and check answers are also at hand for you to enjoy. 

Puzzazz crossword puzzle app:

This app is known to offer wonderful graphics which has attracted thousands of people around the world up till now. It has been developed and designed according to the convenience of the users and therefore has a lot of user friendly features. Different types of word puzzles can be found in only one app like mystery puzzles, logic, cryptic style, cryptogram, acrostic etc. There are already many fun filled features to use but in-app purchases can also be made to gain access to more of these. 

Little crossword puzzle app:

This is a quick way to ease your urge of playing word games. The crossword puzzles presented by this app can be solved within a very short time and therefore are best for very busy folks. The puzzles are able to fit completely on your screen. Moreover there is an option of skipping some puzzles if you get stuck in them. These come in wide range of languages like English, French and Russian so if your English is weak you need not to worry. Other languages can also provide you the chance of becoming an active word game solver.  

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