Best Scrabble Tips For Beginners

I am sure you are being forced out of the scrabble matches most of the time and the worries of losing, again and again, are following you like your own shadow. Bid farewell to those worries and take a look at the information we have collected for you. Your good luck has attracted you to this website because especially in word games it is important for scrabble addicts to be the most reputed among the scrabble players community.

Before we waste further of your precious time let’s come to the point. We have got a bunch of amazing and easy-to-implement trips. These will act as a supporting system for you during easiest or most difficult scrabble games.

  • The most important and significant guideline would be to suggest you to read the instructions first. Whenever we peep our heads into something different there is always a need to read the directives prepared by the manufacturers. Usually, there are a lot of tips mentioned in there especially for the beginners so that they don’t get to make here defeat a routine.
  • Scrabble word game is all about scoring the most points and being ahead of other players. That is the reason we suggest you to learn two to three-letter words from our scrabble word finder. Through these short words, you will be able to form new and longer words. Ultimately you will have a fat stored vocabulary bunch to make use of whenever you sit to turn a scrabble game in your favor.
  • Try to use as many tiles as possible. Through this, you will be able to score more than your opponents in the result of longer words. Not just that but there will be fewer tiles left for the other players to score.
  • Smart people, play smart. You can amaze your friends by forming new words with just one letter “S”. There are a limited amount of “S” tiles that you can fit after a relevant word to make it plural. Although that word has already been formed by your opponents but adding S would make it a new one.
  • Learn to make words having the letter “Q” but not a “U”. Usually, the word with the letter Q is followed by Z and then by U. Such Q letter words can help you score better than by forming other letter words. But the letter U is in a limited quantity. So you need to play smart!!
  • You can look for tiles in your rack having prefixes. This will mean that you will not have to form a new word all over again. By just adding a prefix to the already existing word will give it a new look. For example imperfect, unsuccessful, etc.
  • Using the wildcards which are only 2 per player should also be done smartly. You can use these tiles in seven-letter words (BINGO). This will be a smart use of wildcards and will gift you higher points than others.      

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