6 Best Ways to Solve a Crossword Puzzle

The crossword puzzle is one of those word games which are an absolute time pass for everyone. Even the people lacking a little behind the English vocabulary prefer solving some crossword puzzles instead of watching the clock tick further away from the start of the day.

There is always a proper plan set for every word game therefore you are expected to follow that by hook or by crook. We guarantee you that in the future you will forget getting stuck in such word games. To make the task of solving worldwide crosswords easier for you we have collected some tips or strategies. These will help you defeat the hardest puzzles ever!! Ready for some tips equal to a slice of a cake for you?

1. Start with the easiest ones:

Certainty is for sure the key to correct answers. You should not forget to first read all the hints presented in front of you and get an answer in your head that is beyond doubt and about which you are certain.   

Just like you solve the basic subtraction and addition in your math paper before jumping to the twisted problems you have to solve the easier words before. Those word options which have just clicked in your mind are the ones that deserve to be the first on the puzzles.

2. Get a sharped pencil for yourself:

Pencil always gives you leniency so that you are able to confidently make mistakes. The more mistakes you make the quicker you will learn the art of crossword puzzles. And a pencil will always welcome your mistakes wholeheartedly.

3. Short words, first serve:

The clues which hint towards shorter words are the ones that you are suggested to solve first. When shorter 3 or 4 letter words take their place on the puzzle the formation of the longer words gets easier.

Puzzle manufacturers do not have many short words in-store to present the clues of, which is why you might find the same words repeating in numerous other puzzles too. This will help you memorize some of them. The difficult clues in which you might have got stuck earlier will now seem a lot unchallenging.

4. Understand the theme:

Every crossword puzzle is constructed on the basis of any one theme. This means that all the clues will target the same theme. After solving the shorter words you will automatically get to know the theme of the puzzle.

This will ultimately help you in guessing the rest of the longer words while considering the clues.

5. Form Plural words:

There is yet another way to guess the words and that is by adding the letter S at the end of words. You can make the plural of the word but remember all words do not have the plural form with an S.

The letter S may or may not help you forming the plural words.

6. Important:

In order to get rid of any sort of confusion make sure that you have canceled out all of those clues of which the words have already been formed. In this way, the leftover clues will be clear in your eyes.

Don’t take the stress and continue solving the puzzle only till it feels like a game. The moment you start finding it stressful we suggest you take a break and a large spoon of ice cream.

Happy eating 😉 !!

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