Can You Use Abbreviations in Scrabble?

Many people have been moving from “Yes” or “No” and back to “Yes” just like a pendulum. So let’s bring a full stop to this confusing movement. There are two opposite answers to this question. In the middle of this confusion, many of the scrabble players out there lose a fat bunch of points or some let their good luck play for them and take the victory.

When people play scrabble with a touch of professionalism in the word game then there is a need to be clearer with which words are legal and which are not. Having long words added in your vocabulary can be important at times. But having a clear understanding of the acronyms you can use or the words which can be used instead of acronyms is more important.       

But this process of playing scrabble cannot continue in this confusion anymore. So we have come up with some clear answers:


Many of you would agree with this answer through your experiences playing the word game Scrabble. Abbreviations which are also called acronyms are words that do not carry any meaning unless we write together what each letter of the acronym states. For example NASA, this acronym does not have a meaning in itself but if we right what this abbreviation states then it would be something like this: National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is meaningful. Such abbreviations are just acronyms.  

We need to find words that have a direct meaning without any full forms for word games like scrabble.

But……… some acronyms can still be used:

There are some acronyms that are so much commonly used that they are treated as words. Such words are known as colloquial words. For example, instead of writing or speaking the full form: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation we just use the short form which is LASER (as laser).

Such words are acceptable because we users have given these abbreviations their own meanings.

Trick the players and the game itself!!

The other way to use the abbreviations is to add some letters more so that it turns acceptable. Examples will give you a clearer and zoom-in picture of this way:

As the acronym AKA (also known as) is not acceptable so you can use AA and KK. In the same way, you can apply the pun of abbreviations: instead of forming the word “min” you can form the pun NIM.

Our Final Say:

We have mentioned above as to in which situation which words will be taken as legally acceptable. Acronyms are easy to be made and are interesting in scrabble but due to many limitations, you might not be able to experience that ease. To learn the valid abbreviations by heart there is a need to practice the formation of acronyms in the scrabble word game.  

The time you will start considering all the above points most of the confusing matters will come to a rest.         

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