Criteria and Tips for Scoring in Big Boggle

Big boggle is a word game which first came into being in 1979. Initially it was named as “Parker Brothers Bigger Hidden WORD Game”. This game was updated numerous times in the span of almost 40 years. The latest update included a double letter cube through which players could win bonus points. The game is now known as Big Boggle. Due to this the scoring has become easier to very a great extent. 

Before jumping to the ways of scoring we would first go through the proper rules:

Do not forget to choose a defensive position against the opposite player. Considering this rule you can challenge the words formed by your opponents by getting help from any dictionary especially the standard dictionary for scrabble.  If the word formed by your opponent does not match with the dictionary word list so that successful challenge can help you score better than other players. These are some of basic and general guidelines related to the scoring criteria of big boggle. 

To be more specific I would list down the exact number of points one can score depending on the length of the words formed:

– 4 letter words are rewarded with 1 point each

– 5 letter words are rewarded with 2 points each

– 6 letter words are rewarded with 3 points each

– 7 letter words are rewarded with 5 points each

– 8 letter words are rewarded with 11 points each

– Words which are longer will also be rewarded with 11 points each

– The tiles containing 2 letters each will be counted as one letter only and therefore the points rewarded will be accordingly.  For example a 7 letter word would be rewarded as it is a 6 letter word.

– 3 letter words cannot be made according to the set scoring rules of Big Boggle. 

The above bullets will just help you understand the criteria on the basis of which you are awarded marks but these guidelines are not always enough to get a swift win the game. Some tips listed below, if implemented, will leave your opponent scratching his/her head.

1) You should make sure not to let go of any opportunity of using prefixes and suffixes. These can turn your struggle of looking for new words into half. Other tip closely related to this one to extend the already formed words. For example, a word CAR can be made into CARTOON.

2) Pluralizing the already formed words by adding the letter S is something you have most probably been doing in almost every board word game. And you are expected to do the same in Big Boggle so that acting smart can help you gain points.

3) You can also try to break the already formed words into much smaller but meaningful ones. For example, from the word CARTOON you can form the word CAR.

4) You can go for the technique of palindrome words. You can try to spell the words backwards which sometimes result in another sensible word.  

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