Directions to Play the Junior Version of Scrabble

Scrabble has come up with a version best fit for juniors which can be aged five or above that. It is always better to involve your child in playing word board games then only video games on. This scrabble junior word board game has actually proved to be a great help for the mothers who can see their children developing their word skills. For the ones who are not aware of the directions to play the game I have prepared a list of instructions for you to refer to:

About the board:

The board is two sided and the side on which the game is played would contain letter and different pictures which have already been printed. Moreover there are 101 tiles containing letters and 44 scoring chips along with the board. 

How to setup?

 You first have to pile up the scoring chips a little distance away from the board so that it is reachable for every player. This is known as forming “Kitty”. After his any one player can take out all the letter tiles and make sure that they are facedown so that there are fewer chances for the kid players to cheat. Then they all have to be mixed together and shuffled. This act is also known as the pool. Every player is then instructed to pick 7 letter tiles from the pool and place them normally with their faces up. Lastly, any of them can start the game but usually the eldest player is preferred to start. 

Directions to play:

The scrabble junior itself can be played in two levels according to how new a child is in the world of word games. A beginner level is appropriate for someone who might not have large word bank or less knowledge about the use and formation of words and for the advanced level it goes vice versa. 

Firstly the player will set two of the tiles on the matching spaces shown on the board. In advanced level the player can make use of all the tiles. If the player manages to form a sensible word then the character token has to be dragged one space ahead. In the case when the color of the player’s token and the color of the word is the same the player gets rewarded with two points which means one extra point. And in this way the players are rewarded with points according to the number of correct words formed. But in advanced level the word cannot be formed in a backward or diagonal manner and the players have to make sure that every word touches the one already made.   

Because the player has lost two of his/her tiles of letters two new tiles are taken from the pile. In this way the total number of tiles again turns into seven.

The game will come to an end when there no more letter tiles spaces left on the board. The one who has the most points wins and this is shown by how far the character token of a player along the track has reached. 

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