Do’s and Don’ts of the Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune is an American Television game show which was first streamed in 1975. It includes contestants who have to play some word games to compete with the fellow contestants to win prizes and real cash. This show is famous worldwide and has a wide audience. If you are one of the audiences and you are struggling to understand the show then we are here for your rescue! Or maybe you are planning to become the part of the group of contestants. Below are some rules of wheel of fortune:

1) The wheel which has to be spun is far heavier and difficult to spin than it seems. This is the reason why the contestants are given a chance to try to spin the wheel once so that in the final take there are no complains and no arguments. 

2) It is necessary for the contestants to be the part of the taping which always takes place in California. Unluckily the show is not responsible of paying for the finances to bring the participants there. This means that the contestants will have to pay for the travel all by themselves.

3) When the contestants get ready to guess the words in the puzzle they are expected to guess and say the words aloud one by one. If they say two words together with “And” in between they will be rewarded with a defeat. 

4) There is strict check on the contestants to make sure that they don’t even think to cheat. One of the ways through which they have made a fair game possible is to not allow the participants to have their phones with them. They are to be switched off and set aside.

5) There are some limitations as to who can be the part of the game or who cannot. The ones who have already participated in a game show in the last year and the ones who have been the contestants of at least three game shows previously in the last 10 years are not eligible to the part of this game show.  

6)  The rule to enter the game show is to first prepare an application. Attached together with the application should be a small video which might include a dig into one’s personality or everyday life.

7) The people above 18 years of age are only liable to play. People aged below that, if interested, will have to wait to be the part of the game show!

8) You are suggested to buy as many vowels as possible. These will help you come up with words to solve the puzzle.

9) By playing the express wedge you get the chance the play your turns without even spinning the wheel again and again. In this if you are unable to guess the correct word you might lose a lot of money. But if no risks then no game!

10) The contestants are exactly told about the rules of the game. So you need not to worry!!       

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