How to Deal with Bots in Words with Friends Game?

Bots actually are those players which have been programmed by the computer itself. These play games online with other players and appear to be real people. It is difficult to decide whether opponent players are bots or real human beings. This confusion is caused by the fact that Zynga, which is the creators of words with friends, has never mentioned that they have installed programmed bots in games. Therefore the surety level related to the existence of bots remains low.

There are some ways through which you will be able to identify that whether your opponent is a bot or a normal human being:

  • They most often create out of ordinary words. These words which are formed can be new to you or may seem unusual. Such might not be possible to be formed by you.
  • Bots would have the ability of forming words of almost 6 different languages.
  • Player might act to be a female player and would prefer not to be a male.
  • The player might challenge you or send you a request to play even if you have not permitted the strangers to send you requests. Isn’t it unusual?
  • You will notice that these bots never chat with you as they don’t text back if you message them.
  • Lastly their profile information might be missing for example, the country to which they belong to.

Bots are not really harmful. Usually, players who play words game over their devices only care about their game, their level of improvement, and their own achievements. They care less about whether the opponent against which they are playing is a robot or a human. Playing against bots in words with friends is no different than playing against computers in other multiplayer games. So if you are okay playing against a computer then bots are of no harm to you.

But on the other hand, players do not like to be deceived. They do not like playing against bots because their identity is concealed in front of them. The players would prefer Zynga to be as explicit as possible when they assign bots in multiplayer games.  This secrecy of bots can cause a moral or an ethnic problem between the developers and the players. You can play with these and enjoy word games.

Examples of Bots:

Bots may change more often but below are some of the bots which have frequently been used by words with friends. You cannot completely rely on the list but can refer to it at times when the above signs are to be found. The player with the user name “Zyngawf” may seem to be a bot but may not be. This is because this username attached with some random numbers is given to those players on a temporary basis whose actual name cannot be traced.  

  • Albot
  • Elia Tobin
  • Emma Radcliffe
  • Kendra C.
  • Serena cooper
  • Maria T.

Difference between fake profiles and bots:

Bots are computer-controlled players but on the other hand, fake profiles are run by humans. These are more interested in scamming or forcing you to spend real money for them than in playing. 

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