How to Delete Your Words with Friends Account?

In order to make the app more convenient for the users and user-friendly, the creators have made sure to make the operations of the app “Words with Friends” easier for you. Therefore deleting one’s account from words with friends is not at all rocket science or needs pulling your hair but it can be said that the methods are lengthy or a little complicated.  The reason can be that creators would never want to leave a user and on the other hand, they also would never want to make things complicated for their users as that will result in them getting annoyed.

  • The first thing you can simply do is to delete the app. This is the easiest method one can implement to delete the account, in short. One of the biggest advantages of a deleting the app straight away is that your data and playing history would remain saved.
    All the challenges that you have been a part of and all your winning score would not be deleted from your progress made if you plan to recover your account by installing the app once again. This is a simple process where you are required to click on the settings of your device, reach the category of Apps and Notifications, search for Words with Friends and select, lastly you will notice the “uninstall” option and this wipe off the app from your device. 
  • The second and the only option left to delete the words with friends account is to delete your Zynga account. Zynga account is the player ID which is used to keep records of all the Zynga games played by that specific player. As mentioned above Zynga would not want to lose its customers and that is the reason why deleting the zynga account wouldn’t be an easy task to do.
    You are required to open the words with friends or words with friends 2 app where you will notice your name and your level being showed on the top. Click on that to view your profile and tap on the settings option.  You will spot “personal data request” under the heading of “privacy”. Then you need to choose the option of “make personal data request”. You will be able to visit their FAQS when you will tap on “more options”.
    There will be a list of frequently asked questions where you can spot a question saying “how to do I delete my words with friends/ words with friends 2 account, including my game account data?” By clicking on this there will be an option saying “Go here to request account deletion”.
    A screen will open up which will say “Before deleting this game account, please consider the following.” And then there will a list of content warning you of the consequences of deleting the account which you have to read and then select the option of “continue”. Unluckily you may lose  all the progress you had made.  

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