How to Find a Scrabble Club Near You to Join?

Most people don’t choose to play scrabble through online platforms or only with a few family members within the huge silent walls of their homes. Whether it be any board game, indoor or outdoor sports game most of the folks out there prefer an environment that has especially been built for the purpose.

That is the reason why people look for scrabble clubs and take the shortest route towards them along with their family members and friends. In this way, the scrabble addicts get to connect with their own community members and enjoy the pleasure of playing and sitting in their company.

The most important things to consider before turning any of the scrabble clubs into your second home sweet home are the members and their contacts. The rest you can leave on us and sit back because we will help you with that.

Looking for a scrabble club in the community of internet:

We are dwelling in a world which revolves around the system of the 21st century so how can we forget the search for clubs on social media!? Most clubs or groups of players belonging to one club are found forming social media groups on various sites.

  • Twitter:

Through this site you can reach to professional scrabble players or individuals who are habitual visitors of nearby scrabble clubs. These people will help you to connect with the nearest clubs.

Twitter might not turn out to be a source of that much benefit for you but the journey of a scrabble club search can be easily started through this platform.

  • Facebook:

You might remember that this platform shows its strong interest in knowing your favorites before you make your Facebook account. You might have thought that these series of questions are just a waste of your time but these will surely help you in finding the best group and the best scrabble club near you.

To make strong connections every individual or group will just be a message away. WESPA is one of the prominent examples of such pages. This stands for World English language scrabble players Association. Here you can connect with many scrabble players and experience the pleasure of winning the game of scrabble against such enthusiasts.

  • Reddit:

People have been completely satisfied with this social media platform. You can search any keyword regarding scrabble like “Scrabble clubs” or “word game: Scrabble groups”. The related and relevant pages will follow the search bar.

We can say that it enables in more specific searches than Facebook and Twitter. But the remaining features of this platform enable the same type of search of groups and individuals.

Official scrabble corporations:

Official sites always provide the most appropriate and accurate information. Such bunches of informative words usually do not leave any mark off doubt for the reader or the visitor of the website. So let’s jump to some of the examples:

  • NASPA:

For North American scrabble players their country is the second name of good luck NASPA provides profound information related to the market of scrabble tournaments and matches. And surely it provides you the most accurate information about the nearby clubs.

NASPA has been blessed with the license by Hasbro. So you can believe in the level of competitiveness of North America it presents.

  • CASPA and NZASP:

Council of Australian Scrabble players association (CASPA) and New Zealand Association of scrabble players (NZASP) are the two most popular webs which are operational in their respective areas.

Browse these sites and look for a good list of local scrabble clubs.   

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