How to Fix Words With Friends If Solo Challenge Gets Stuck?

A Word game, especially words with friends is an attention captivating game and forces the player to get fully immersed in the game. Therefore this complete involvement can turn into frustration if the game gets stuck in between of a fully fought war between the opposing players. Complaints are that the game mostly freezes during any solo challenge and this leads to the game coming to a halt. You cannot decide whether to curse the game or your fate? Below we have listed some of the most successful ways through which you can solve this problem:

  1. The first thing before taking any other action is to check your own internet connection. When you get disconnected from the internet you will most probably notice that your opponent, which is a computer in the solo challenge, tends to think more than usual. And if the thinking proves lasts for longer than usual the problem can surely be the cut off from the internet connection. To check you can search any page on any search engine and if the internet gets successful in loading the page for you then the problem can be a weak internet connection. In order to solve this problem you can both disconnect and then again connect the internet from your device or you can do the same from the main connection.
  2. If the above solution doesn’t work then you can try installing the latest version update of the app. In order to do that you are required to visit the app store or play store and search words with friends on the search bar. If the problem of solo challenge freezing in between the game is something that most of players are facing then the game developers are most likely to come up with an updated version in which this problem has been fixed.  In this case you need to install the version.
  3. You might have been using your zynga account on many other devices for many other zynga games. This can put a load on your player account and cause it to face difficulty in operating. In this case you can log out of your account for a short span of time and give it a rest. Then you can log in again. This method is most fruitful if you are only facing the problems of the game getting stuck in the solo challenge and the complete game is all okay.

You can do this by first opening home and then selecting to view your profile from the top left corner. Then you can tap on the Setting option and select “Log Out” underneath the heading of “Account”.  Lastly you are required to log in to your account again to check if the problem solves.

  • To some extent instead of cursing your fate you can also curse your phone because the problem might lie with your device. You can restart your device even if you are facing the problem all over the app. 

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