How to Improve the Score Record in Wordscapes?

You are surely doing yourself a great favor by visiting this site and gathering some tips and tricks for playing wordscapes. We all are no doubt running in an unknown race our whole lives so that we are not left behind in this world. I am absolutely not here to play a blame game but because running is what everyone is doing so I am here to assist you with some strategies to score better than your partners and procure a win in the life of games. All the beginners are also most welcomed!!

1) Basic: 

Especially for the beginners here I would like to start with the basic tip to remember for scoring better. As you will climb up the levels you will observe that there are usually some words given and the spaces in between the letters have coins on them. You should try to guess those missing letters first to fill that gap with coins. 

Those coins will help you earn some extra points. 

2) The Monster word:

Yes!! You guessed it right; I am talking about that six letter word!! In order to score a bundle of points you need to drain some of your brain and believe me letting your brain slip into any nearby gutter will be worth it 😉 

You just need to make sure that as soon as you reach a new level you catch the longest word first. In every level there is always that one word which consists all the six letters. Hit a six first and let the ball fly out of your cricket stadium! 

3) Make use of abbreviations:

I can feel your pain of sitting on the same couch for hours and trying to make a single small word. Shorter words might only seem easier to make but in reality they are equally difficult. To score points swiftly in this case you need to try to add some abbreviations. There are a lot of strings attached when it comes to the use of abbreviations in wordscapes as most of them are not allowed and are therefore not the part of their dictionary. 

But abbreviations like demo, pro and many more are acceptable. So why not use them?

4) Shuffling can help!

The six letter wheel sometimes seems like an annoying math problem. You cannot of course by any chance shuffle the words of a math problem but you can do the same with the letter wheel of wordscapes. 

It mostly happens that when the letters get rearranged any word gets clicked in the mind. And if scoring a parcel of points is just a “click in the mind away” so you should never ignore that helpful shuffle button.

3) The letter S is a lucky charm:

If you spot the letter S in your letter wheel then do not let go of the chance of scoring bonus points. I suggest you to pluralize as many words as possible on the puzzle. These plural words will help you gain some extra points.

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