How to Win Every Game of Word With Friends?

Watching your friends and siblings losing the game to you is always such a great source of happiness 😉 !! After all, you get the chance to force your defeated friends or family members so that they pay the bill of 2 large pizzas you have ordered.

Isn’t eating without any of your bucks being spent a pleasure-seeking act? This free food is just a win away. So without wasting any more of your time

Learn to place words on the board:

The word game of words with friends is entirely different from scrabble. In the scrabble word game you are expected to do some math calculations along with the formation of the highest scoring words. But on the other hand, a word with friends only demands you to only form the words which come in your mind.

Do not finalize the first word or the last word that comes in your mind Give every option that comes in your mind. If you spot a good move of the tiles so we suggest you to go for it. Try to fit all the possible words at various places on the board. And then after this process finishes you can select the best one you find to be. Make sure that word provides you with a high score.

Let not the role of friendship play here:

You should not only focus on your win and put all your attention on the finishing line instead you should also look for the defeat of your opponents. Make sure that you are not lenient towards your opponent even if you both have been celebrating friendship day for decades.

Forget your friends and let’s not only focus on scoring high points. If you see an opportunity to score better than other players but you are not able to make use of that then snatch that opportunity from your opponents too. You can form a triple word to score or add an S to singular words.

Catch a chance NOT a fish:

I would repeat the same suggestion which is usually given to word game enthusiasts or addicts. The suggestion is to never let go of a chance and make the best out of the opportunity. The tips for the action are:

  1. There are some specific letters which if added to the words can help you score better than your opponent. Those letters can be X, J, Y, S including two combined letters like ER. You can keep these letters for the time when your game is passing through a thin pipe.
  2. If you want your score to reach the last limit of the skies then you are suggested to form triple or double words. Or you can try adding combinations of 2 letters at the end or the starting of the already existing words. Through this strategy you will be able to form an entirely new word from an already formed one.

Form parallel words:

You can try making words along with other existing words. In this way, you will be able to get some extra points of some additional words formed. When your formed word meets other words it results in the formation of some more words.

Befriend more words then humans:

Think on your toes!! You need to be friends with more and new words. Let’s think of the number of scores you will achieve if the word bank that you have in your head is greater and newer than your friends’. It is most certainly a great opportunity to be alive. In any case, certain traps could happen, so we arranged a short aide with clarification of the relative multitude of fundamental stages. To learn more about how to get a fake id visit now

Isn’t that a winning feeling? I will not suggest you to stop scrolling the Instagram feed and focus on parrot learning all the difficult and new words from the fat Oxford dictionary. I am just suggesting you to make use of words you read in the Quote of the day, tweets on Twitter, captions on Instagram, memes on Facebook, or your everyday books.

Browse new English movies on Netflix so that watching the movie and reading the subtitles go simultaneously. Make things easy for yourself and try to squeeze the best out of your habitual activities. Believe me, you will be a better player than the person having his/her nose in the dictionaries with fat glasses perched on the tip.       

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