6 Fun Multiplayer Word Games for Any Occasion

How about building a competitive personality in yourself? Multiplayer word games are always a source of merrymaking especially when one gets a chance to play with other humans who can be your friends or family members. Boost up your English skills and find an interesting pile of competitions or tournaments waiting for a win from you!! Let us introduce you to a list of amazingly interesting multiplayer word games:


This multiplayer game is a mix batter of scrabble and reversi. You can easily compete against other players and gift yourself with many new words, maybe an add-on to your vocabulary. You will feel as if it has been given a touch of something different.

The appearance of the board might be somehow similar to a scrabble board. This game might then take the form of how reversi is played. The win is yours once you reach a total demanded score!!


This game exists in the world of letters. The more letters you guess the more points you are probably going to make. If you shed some more light on this attention grasping game you will get to know that you are presented with a mysterious word which you have to guess.

Beware: Do not let the hanging man get back all his body parts or else he will get killed!!

Battle text

This game is less time consuming and you will surely get a chance to type the words in a shorter time. You have to guess as many words as you can in the limited given time and spell your way to the victory!!

Either you already have an unbelievable group of vocabulary or you will have one at the end of the game.


This Ruzzle word game has been inspired by some of the classic word games. The players are just given 2 minutes and in that limited amount of time they are expected to find as many words as possible. So are you up for this 2 minute challenge!?

Crosswords Arena

Crossword arena and the word game crossword do not have many differences. The only positive and the favorite exception is that you can compete with players around the world in the crossword arena.

Crosswords have always been a source of excitement for word game addicts and especially if it is a multiplayer version like the one above.


There are numerous tiles arranged on the board. Some can be double words, double letters, triple letters or triple word tiles.  You have to put all the letters on the right tiles to form good, creative, and meaningful words. You can play this game with a maximum of 30 of your friends together.

Most of the aspects of this game resemble those of scrabble. This means that wordfeud would just be like a piece of a cake for those who know how to play scrabble.

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