NYT mini Crossword Answers for 26 January 2023

Since 1942, the New York Times has started releasing crossword puzzles. It’s one of the most well-liked crosswords to attempt, and in the modern era (from 2014), both the Mini Crossword and the standard, full-sized crossword are available.

The New York Times Mini Crossword is offered on Android and iOS mobile devices and is available on nytimes.com. A monthly or yearly membership to the game grants accesses to the vast majority of crosswords in the archive. It’s an easy way to exercise your brain for a few minutes every day and takes less time than the standard daily crossword. Don’t let the mini’s small size fool you, though; it can still be challenging. If you encounter difficulties, check the daily New York Times Mini Crossword answers below!

NYT mini Crossword Answers for 26 January 2023


Capital of Norway NYT Mini Crossword Clue


Cheer (on) NYT Mini Crossword Clue


Chimney grime NYT Mini Crossword Clue


“Hold ___ your hat!” NYT Mini Crossword Clue




Approximately NYT Mini Crossword Clue


In a moment NYT Mini Crossword Clue


Pirate’s plunder NYT Mini Crossword Clue


“A Man Called ___” (Tom Hanks movie) NYT Mini Crossword Clue



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