Technical Problems Being Faced While Playing Words With Friends?

We live in a digital world and no one alive can disagree with me. Considering this fact we can’t expect perfection from the world of apps. There are no doubt very few reviews of words with friends which reflect some technical problems of the app getting freeze or just denying to work in a normal manner. You have lost hope that you will ever be able to play a non-problematic game with your partner? We are here to regain your hope by suggesting you the following:

1) Start a new game:

Sacrificing your current game can be worthy enough if your next upcoming games turn out to be an unproblematic one. This means that you can try exiting from the current game and enter a new input.   

2) Fixing an interface glitch:

Before jumping to more complex ways to solve the problem you need to first try to close the app and re-open. This can be done simply by clicking on the option of “Close all” in the menu. For this you will have to unluckily exit your game. But wait….. Don’t be sad already!! If you get successful in re-opening a completely functional app then you will be able to regain all the data. 

What to do if the app even refuses to process the close button? 

3) Power off your device:

The other option left is to switch off your phone because if the close button is not working then this means nothing else can be processed until the app is open. You can press and hold the power button if your device is a mobile or a tablet. If it’s a laptop you might aware of the option of “Shutdown”. You might be thinking that it is better to restart but restarting directly though the option does not fix many problem. My experience is speaking. Your past records which are already saved in the data would be there waiting for you but unluckily you might lose your discontinued game.

4) Deleting the app is not a good option?

It can be a good option if you have just one last left! Your collection of the data showing your victories refuses to leave its owner ☺! All your old records will get saved in the cloud and not even in your unreliable phone’s memory.

Have you dried up your tears or should I courier you a tissue roll!? 

Apart from the jokes I have faith in the app that it comes back to normal which reinstall it. I hoe I have helped you solve the above problem. 

5) In game currency problems?

If you are facing some problems with the coins you are winning I have one straight forward solution for you. Just delete the app and download it again. Such minor issues do prevail in highly demanded apps, so you can sit back and relax till your app has downloaded.

Last say:

Nothing is flawless folks!! You just need to fix all the problems with words with friends through the above mentioned ways. You can still continue to play and enjoy the game as these temporary glitches are equal to a pinch of salt! Isn’t it?    

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