Best Text Twist Strategies (You Should Know)

Text twist is one of the most popular free word games. If you are a habitual player then you might want to place your hands on some of the exceptional strategies to implement. For the ones who are a stranger to the text twist word game, I would first introduce the basics of the game. 

This addictive word game provides six or sometimes seven shuffled letters. The player is expected to form words out of those letters by aligning them in a proper manner. You can form as many words out of the letters as possible. Till the time you are able to use all of the presented letters in a single word, you will remain on the same level. A word with all six or seven letters will help you jump to the next level. The “twist” button on the screen, when clicked, will shuffle all the letters again for the sake of the player’s facileness. 

1) Refer to already formed words:

Forming a six-letter word is a great challenge and this challenge no doubt makes this word game worth playing. Whatever words you have made before are more likely to be arranged length vice. If you just look at them again you might feel more words crawling into your brain. For example, you might spot a letter missing in the word “dream” and form another word “dreamt”. Or it can be the case that you decide to replace some letter in the previous submissions and that results in a new word. 

2) Pluralize your words:

You might be lucky enough to get the letter “S” in your bunch of jumbled letters. You can easily get away with scoring points by just adding the letter “S” to your previously submitted words which will make them plural. For example, the word “book” can help you form the word “books” very easily. 

3) Add suffixes and prefixes: 

The suffixes and prefixes like es, it, dom can be attached to the starting or the ending of your already formed words. Whenever such prefixes and suffixes fit the words you are suggested to form them that way. These words might not seem actual words to you but these may be part of English vocabulary. 

4) Try to utilize all letters in one go:

  The objective of this word game is to form a six-letter word. No matter how many 4 letter or 3 letter words you form you will not be able to pave your way towards the next level. There is a limited time period and I would suggest you to spend most of your time in thinking and forming a six-letter word. If you are able to hit a six and send it out of the stadium on your first ball then no other game move can be better than that.

3) Do not forget the Twist button:

As mentioned above the twist button helps shuffle all the letters and this may automatically show letters in correct order already forming 3 or 4 letter words.   

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