Ways to catch illegitimate players on Words with Friends

In this contemporary society where technology has taken over the world people have come up with a new version of themselves which is named as “FAKE”. This version can only be spotted over the computer network and that is the reason why scams have surrounded many innocents. Therefore it is important to spot all the fake profiles on games app like words with friends. Fake profiles are always very annoying and irritating when you come to realize that your opponent is not a proper player running a legitimate profile. Below are some ways and red flags through which you can uncover the FAKE versions of such profiles. 

1) In words with friends whenever a player is using the app and is playing a green light circle appears on the profile. These means that all the player with whom you are playing would have a green signal over their profile. On the other hand you might not be able to spot that green lighted circle on the fake profiles even if they are playing with you. Isn’t this strange? 

2) One might receive unbefitting messages over the chat if the opponent is a fake profile holder. As you may know that there is an option to send and receive messages with the opponent players and these messages appear in the form of chat. Fake people take an illegitimate benefit from the chat and send inappropriate messages. This seems troublesome for the players who are proper and serious game players. These scams may also request you to buy them things over the words with friends app and spend real money for them.

3) Making up stories is a part of their normal routine and it is not surprising to see how they get successful in fooling people around. Fake profiles might request you to chat on any other social media platform and continue their friendship. They may try to convince by telling the player how good as friends they can become. Or they may also weep to seek help from you by making up fairytales. Try avoiding such people as they might have nothing else to do!

4) These people might be unrealistically coming up with fat and difficult words. Contrarily they might make very baby like words which shows that they do not have a strong command over English words. In the first case if the players are forming technical words one after another then they are making use of cheat websites which means they are not serious players.

5) Older players are less likely to carry out a scam with you but new players mostly run fake profiles. You can spot such fake profiles but visiting the profile and scanning the data. The date mentioned under “playing since” header will show that whether the player has just started playing or is an old loyal player.

6) The last sign of a fake profile is the unknown location. Not all serious players would keep their locations private so if you spot a player with an unknown location then they can be regarded as fake.

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