What do we mean by a Good Scrabble Score?

The question “What is a good score in scrabble?” seems very confusing for most of the scrabble players out there so even if you are a new member in the gang of scrabble players you need not to hide your hesitation. Sometimes we end up downplaying most of the moves just because they will win a low score for us. But the point to learn here is to value our every move because that one point can also help us win a thousand challenges thrown your way!

We will now shower our spotlights on a detailed account of how the scoring agenda for scrabble is set. The answer to your question is not just a ‘fill in the blank’ for us so lets take a deep dive into the scoring strategies. 

High-scoring letters are your target!

To know the right definition of a good scrabble score you need to act defensive as much as you possibly can. Thinking of some fat words to spread on the scrabble board is not the way towards the definition. The tip is to form high-scoring words but alongside saving the bonuses and extra’s for your own self. 

This means to try to get every chance of scoring bonus points instead of letting those chances slip away from you to your opponent. Going for a high jump on your every turn can be an erratic move so why not choose to implement a scoring strategy which is at least predictable? So in short, a good score is a score which you earn while your opponent cry on being unlucky enough to loose every chance of earning a bonus.

Score in an arduous set of rounds:

Play with those whom you fear the most. A good and a strong score is one which you snatch out of your opponent’s hands. The ones who are just letting their points slip off their inexperienced and careless hands are not the real challengers. I bet that you can feel the intensity in the word “REAL”. 

Play against those who make you end up hanging on your chair!! This will help you bring about an air of improvement in yourself and in this way the points that you score while improving will give you the perfect definition of “A good scrabble score”.

Making it easy for you:

If you want proper numerical information stating a good scrabble score then you are absolutely under the right heading. I thought to make the explanation short for those who are actually in a hurry to score well.

On average for a 2 player game you need to score almost 330-350 points, for a 3 player game 250 are enough and 175 in a 4 player game can help you understand he definition of a good score. 

Our Final Say:

You need not to welcome a child-like competitor if you are planning to score “good”. Once Fran lebowitz said “Children are the most desirable opponents at scrabble as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat” Sorry Mr Lebowitz, here we all apologize to set a contradicting statement because we believe that here folks around the world are not just after winning but they are after winning with a “good” score to make their mark.      

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