What is a Good Score in Words with Friends?

Competitions are no doubt meant to show yourself in a good light and compare your performance with other players or with your opponents. Competition is not always unhealthy it can also be healthy when a player wants to improve his/her own performance by taking part in competitions and challenging other potential players. I agree that in order to continue a healthy competition there is a need to know that what actually a good scrabble score is. From now on we will be discussing on the extent to which a certain score of words with friends can be regarded as an appreciable score.

What is a good score of words with friends?

According to the rule, a score between 300 points to 500 points is good to some extent. I have added “to some extent” to let you know that there are situations on which a good score word with friends is dependent on. For a beginner and for an intermediate player such a score can be a good sign and a sign of improvement. But if an expert comes up with such a score and then regards it as a good one does not fit.  Apart from you, your opponent is also a good tool to determine that whether a particular score is good or not. If your opponent is a kid, a time-passer, an expert, or just an intermediate player the high score for you varies.

For example, you can’t just run around telling people that you scored complete 500 points but against a child who is still in primary school.  In order to get rid of this confusion, I suggest you always refer to the highest average score of the whole words with friends game. Through this, you will get to know that how many points per word could be scored to come up with a good score. This method could be applied by the experts or professional gamers especially.

Learn to conquer the board:

A good score can be achieved if you learn to earn as many bonus points as possible. A competitive opponent would never throw a loose ball that is the reason why you have to learn how to hit a six even when the ball is as fast as lightning.

You need to work smart and instead of just trying to form words you are suggested to lock the board and keep the key with yourself. In this way, even after trying hard your opponent will not be able to score better than you and will not be able to achieve the maximum amount of bonuses. On the other hand, by keeping the control of the board in your hands you will be able to earn most of the bonus points along with the basic score.

Give your best:

It is not always about winning the game it is also about giving your best. You can do this by trying to earn the maximum points at every move. If you are able to do this then you are not far away from a good score.             

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