Why Contestants Buy Vowels on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of fortune is just like running a potential business. If you don’t believe in return on the investment then most probably you will not be able to succeed. To get an infinite value of win you need to lose some of your money too. People become the part of the group of contestants at the wheel of fortune show to earn and win money. But your aim should not only revolve around winning as much wealth as possible but it should also target your ability of completing the puzzle with the appropriate words. 

There are long phrases which have to be guessed by the contestants. The important thing to always consider is that if any one of the participants lose their turn by guessing the wrong letter then they will not be able to get their turn back. That is why a contestant might choose to buy some obvious letters which are vowels because most of the words carry vowels like A or E. By buying the vowels the contestant reduces the risk of getting their guessed word wrong. 

In other cases the contestant might already know the phrase. He/she can give one try and choose to guess the phrases in one go. This means that the participant will not have to spend a total of $250 on buying a vowel if he/she gets the word right. But even after knowing the phrase the contestant spends money to buy a vowel then it has been done to erase any doubts. For example a word puzzle W_LL can either be WELL or WILL. So instead of risking a whole lot of money by directly guessing the phrase contestant would spend $250 and buy a vowel.

As a contestant purchases the vowels a new turn is gifted to that participant and in this way the cycle continue by buying, spinning the wheel, buying more vowels and then again spinning the wheel. The concept behind this is that some contestants prefer to keep buying more vowels till they come to a point where there are no more options within the range he vowels left. At this stage it becomes obvious for the contestant that except for the vowels there is a possibility that every other alphabet can be the part of the word puzzle. Solving the puzzle turns way too easier. 

In short no one wants to show themselves dumb on national television where millions are sitting in front of their screens judging them.          

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