Word Unscrambler

Word unscrambler is tool-free from any complexities and very easy to use. Its purpose is to unscramble the disorganized or scrambled words. This type of tool can be used in many popular word games like Scrabble, Wordfeud, TextTwist, Word Cookies, Words with Friends, Anagrams, Wordscraper, and many more.

The time has come to save some energy for celebrating happy moments in life and make use of this tool through this website. You will be able to make words out of odd sets of letters. Such unorganized sets of letters sometimes do build up frustration in us and the best way to escape from this type of annoyance is to make this website your brain’s alternative during word games.

 Hey champion! Yes you, the one reading this, take our free suggestion of using this tool seriously and we will provide you the highest scoring words for scrabble etc.  You can cheat easily and make the positive use out of it by learning new words to enhance your English vocabulary.

The maximum amount of letters which you can enter in the bar given are 12. From that scrambled set of words our website will make the words and present the best options. Don’t be happily amazed if you find yourself winning these word games one after another because when we will present you plenty of different words you will ultimately become stronger than your opponent. Not that good in English? Don’t worry we have introduced this tool considering those people too who are the learners.

In a nutshell, word unscrambler is a tool which rearranges the letters you have entered from your tiles and provide you the best word combinations you can ever think of. The most attractive feature of this tool is that it is completely free of cost. You can make use of this free word unscrambler without any expense or lose of money.

How to Make Use Of It?

We have mentioned the fact that this tool is user friendly and extremely easy to use before too so let’s quickly come to point. We can’t wait to see you win games!! Explaining how this tool is used through examples will help you understand well.

For example, if your tiles are showing the given letters: T, R, O, E, S, H and you enter them. On the end of the website the formation of words from these scrambled letters will take place and we will find unscrambled words. The results that will appear on the screen will be the following:

  • 6 letter words: reshot, others, throes, horste etc
  • 5 letter words: ethos, short, store, those etc
  • 4 letter words: hero, host, hets etc
  • 3 letter words: hoe, hot, she, set etc
  • 2 letter words: he, oh, to etc

In short, whatever scrambled or confusing letters appear on your tiles have to be entered. And we will do the rest of the work for you which includes choosing the best of the unscrambled letters and giving the right choices which are meaningful enough to give high scores and surely a win.

Some Advanced Options are Below

We have different types of dictionaries which you can choose on the basis of the game you are playing. The default dictionary is TWL/OTCWL, this one is the official dictionary for scrabble game used in US/Canada/Thailand and contains the word list from NASPA. The other type of the dictionary available is SOWPODS, this one is only for UK and contains the word list from CSW.

Other than these advanced options we have “start with”, “end with” and “must include”. These all options including the types of dictionaries are found in the “Options” button. One thing to keep in mind is that these all options will affect the words being presented in front of you.

This uncomplicated tool is also named as multiple word unscrambler. Other than this the most appreciated option for the users is that they can enter multiple words at one time.  

Benefits of Using Word Unscrambler

We have already shed a lot of light on the basic definition of word unscrambler and even some of that light on the general benefits of its use. Everything has its own advantages and no doubt the word unscrambler you are planning to use also carries many of them. Some of them are listed below:

1) Be the champion you dream to be in word games!

You can give some rest to your already confused mind and drop some load of the game on this tool. Life would be easier!! In short you can cheat easily by entering the scrambled letters in the given space and win over the hearts of the people checking on your game. You will not just gain points over forming a word but also some extra bonus points because we present you the top scoring words!!

Our word unscramble provides scrambled words that are applicable on all word games. Other than this if you are looking for a text twist word unscrambler so we can serve the services of that too. You can enter the letters given in this game and get best letters combinations in the form of words. Anagrams is somehow similar to this game. This word unscrambler tool provides you with the pre eminent word list to win the most points before you run out of time.  

2) Enhance your English writing skills:

This tool presents new words to learn and to add to ones vocabulary. Especially it could be fun for children to learn through this tool. At the end of the day this tool is not age restricted and even elderly learners can make use of it.

Words are magical and new magic tricks can give a new look to your English writing skills. This tool is here to serve you with more new and understandable words that will also help throw a good impression on the reader.  

3) What are you thinking dude? Cheating is NOW possible!

In the earlier days games like scrabble were completely based on the skills the players had and to what extent they are callable of getting through the tough combination of scrambled words. All that the player could do was to search through the boring pages of the dictionary for words that could be fitted in that position of the game.

But now in the 21st century such tools are being introduced which can motivate you to dispose off all the dictionaries. Instead of wasting time searching for words in the dictionary you can make use of this word unscrambler tool.

Break all the rules now, as rules are meant to just be broken 😉 Become that wild card character and become the shining star in the sky full of dark clouds. Be the top scorer and gain a proper balance on the top of the leader boards. You might face some opponents keen to beat you and gain the victory again so do not let go the chance to amaze them! After all who doesn’t love to be appreciated?

3) Form hidden words and clues:

It is always exciting to find hidden words in anagrams and names. Especially you can search for hidden words in your name to make the process more entertaining. It is always very difficult to decide what to do when friends or cousins come over to your house. So we are making this difficulty of yours easy by introducing this tool.

Not just this but there are many word based mobile app games of which you can become a champ once you start making use of this word unscrambler.

4) Create a fun word quiz:

Through this interesting tool you will be successful in spending a quality time with your family members or cousins who have come over your home for a night over. You can create an interesting words quiz which will not only be a source of entertainment for you people but also a way to improve the English skills.   

Tips and Tricks to Unscramble Words

After so much of help we can still be nice to you and provide you with some tips which can ease the path towards a swift win in all word games. Following are some those tricks:

  1. You can try separating the consonants and vowels, because a mixture of both of them can create confusion. The answers that you will ultimately get will also be more notable then otherwise.
  2. Instead of adding the letter S somewhere in between of the group of letters you can place it at the end. In this way the words that you will receive may be plural and ease the complexities of choosing the most appropriate.
  3. You can also try pairing those words together which often appear together form your tiles. The examples to this can be, ph, sh etc. These might help you unscrambling longer words.

Methods to Unscramble Long Words

There are two separate methods which one can approach or apply during word games:

  1. Unscramble letters: This approach is when you enter the scrambled letters and wait for the unscrambled words to appear. In this way, you don’t have to choose one specific word to be entered. Just the random letters have to be entered to turn them into meaningful words. In this way, you can increase your vocabulary and enhance your English writing skills. In short, we can also call this tool as letter unscrambler.
  2. Unscramble words: In this method, jumbled words are entered as the input and not the jumbled letters. Here you have to be more precise keeping yourself only to the scrambled words. Here of course you will look for one specific word instead of considering all the given options in the form of the output. In order to get precise output in this case you can make use of advanced options of filters to keep the output that the website presents only to specific words.

Before you fasten your seat belt and get ready for a victorious ride towards the word games we would like to give our two cents on the use of this tool. No matter how much difficult the game has taken the turn this word unscrambler online will always be there to provide you a way out of that difficult position.

As mentioned above that this tool is not only specifically just made for winning in numerous word games like scrabble but it has also collected a list of words in its database. These can be helpful in one or the other way for people including children and adults to learn basic level or high level English language.  

You will find this word unscrambler providing you with all the possible combinations.