Words With Friends High Score (BUT HOW?)

If you want to win the game for words with friends, it is a universally accepted principle that you need to play with high-scoring words. And what a better way to win and get the perfect lead by using a word that will allow you to score almost 1,700 points in an instant. The word that is going to present you with these points is none other than “oxyphenbutazone.” Players tend to use words while playing their favorite Words With Friends High Score game. This gives them the lead over their opponents to turn the table on them.

Highest Average Words With Friends

The highest average words while playing this words with friends game with your friends and family members. The highest average score for the players is around 300-450. Normally, people answer the words according to their vocabulary, which brings them closers to the High Scoring Words In Words With Friends.

Words With Friends High Point Words

There are many ways with which you can score more during the gameplay. With this being said, there are many words that would allow you to score more and gain more points in the game. The most common word that is going to bring points to your scorecard is “oxyphenbutazone.” In reality, it is a disease that is related to arthritis. And in general terms, this word has no meaning. But playing the game of words with friends, this word alone is enough to bring you almost 1674 points in a single go.

100 Point Words In Words With Friends

Scoring 100 points while playing the game is a common trait for players with average vocabulary. This score level is considered a normal score, and everyone can achieve this score.


Words With Friends High Score depends on your vocabulary, allowing you to score more during the gameplay. If you want to have more command over the game, then you should consider enhancing the vocabulary that would allow you to score more and let you leave a great impression on your opponent. Using this particular word, “Oxyphenbutazone,” allows you to score 1674 points in the word with friends game.

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